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Home Inspections
Gilbert (Gil) Wright
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1. Ventilation - Attic ventilation and insulation play an important role in moisture and condensation control, roof life and so much more - truly a key factor in how your home is functioning.

Roofs - The type, style, layers, quality of installation and more are checked. We will perform a diligent inspection of both sides of the roof.

Heating and Cooling - We look at the age, condition and safety of each system. The wrong burn pattern and moisture production can cause premature heat exchanger failure and possibly carbon monoxide.

Structure - We complete a thorough inspection of both inside and outside of the structure. This includes walls, ceilings, floors, foundations, crawl spaces, block and poured basements.

Drainage - Inadequate or reversed drainage and grading cause most water problems. Proper gutters and downspouts are another important part of moisture control and are inspected.

Electrical - We check for double taping, undersized wiring, open wiring, undersized services and more!

Plumbing - Water flow, water pressure and adequacy of drainage are just the start of our inspection.